“It is not easy to make a size 18 (and over 40) woman feel
and look like a fairy princess - but you did it!!!”

- Madelaine, Colorado

A Beautiful Feeling

“I have to say I could not have imagined a more beautiful dress if I tried. It was simply amazing. Breathtaking. And, wearing the dress, I felt more beautiful than I ever have in my life.”

- Amanda, Michigan

“I have to tell you, it is the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever seen (or owned for that matter!). I cried when I opened the box!”

- Jessica, Indiana

Basking in Compliments

“Everyone complimented me on the dress. A few even said that they wished they had a dress like that when they got married!”

- Jenny, Massachusetts

“I have never heard so many compliments in my life. People who don’t usually say much were raving!”

- Terri, Pennsylvania

Unique Designs

“Your designs are incredible. NOTHING that you see hanging in a store.”

- Kari, Tennessee

“I was told by so many that they had never seen such a beautiful and unique type of gown before!”

- Gina, California

The Perfect Fit

“In a word...MAGNIFICENT!!!! It fits like a glove! I don’t know how you got it to fit so perfectly, but I am simply thrilled.”

- Holly, England

“I know now what having custom, made-to-measure clothes feels like... and a bra that actually fits! How on earth will I be able to go back to regular clothes?”

- Susan, Idaho

Quality Craftsmanship

“You were right about the strength of the fabric and stitching. People were picking me up, twirling me around and dancing with me, AND NOT ONE BEAD WAS LOST!!!!!”

- Jennifer, Florida

Trustworthy Service

“I have to admit I was very skeptical about doing business over the internet. I had to reach down into my faith reservoir to trust that this was the right thing to do. But, when I opened the box and saw the dress, it was more beautiful than what I could have ever expected.”

- Debbie, Ohio