Faerie Brides has been designing and manufacturing custom made wedding gowns worldwide for over fifteen years.

Our main goal is to create a personal environment that enables our brides to trust that their own unique dream gown will be materialized. Our creations are often designed around our bride's wishes and are based on fantasies suggested by fairytales, the medieval, renaissance and Victorian periods.

Katherine Feiel, our lead designer, is the creative heart of our company. She views each gown as a piece of art and evaluates them with the goal of attaining the maximum possible level of beauty.

Responsible for her high level of success is her clear understanding of the necessary components of a truly exceptional gown:

  • Magical fabrics of superb quality
  • Total harmony and outstanding designs
  • Flattering and original lines
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Constant quality control

Katherine has a background in design and textile art, she began apprenticing with Fairy Fashion in 1996, working with talented designers Astara and Kai Soleil, and finally acquiring the business in 2007. She currently designs under two labels, Katherine Feiel and Faerie Brides.

Please enjoy your visit to our web-page, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You will find a team of caring people who will take the time to help you with any request.

Here’s to you! The most beautiful bride you can imagine on your special day.   

Best wishes,
The Faerie Bride Team